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With the vision "To become an excellent research university in the world’s TOP 200 universities”, Ton Duc Thang University is the pioneer university in building macro research databases to serve students, teachers and researchers. Vietnam Corporate Finance Database (ECO-DATA) which built by Research and Academic Information Center (RAIC), under Ton Duc Thang University, is the set of data on management, finance, and accounting. The database consists of three sets of data including data on corporate governance, financial statements, and stock trading of more than 700 publicly traded companies on the Vietnamese stock markets (HOSE and HNX) from 2000 to 2018. The corporate governance data include about 200 variables covering firms’ ownership structure, CEO, members of board of directors, CEO’s gender, nationality, education, … The financial data include around 360 items on the financial statements, and the stock trading data consist of stock trading information. This database is constantly updated and expanded.

“Quickness - Accuracy - Reliability” is always the top principle; RAIC always strives to meet the needs of users in the most effective and prompt way. When using ECO-DATA, users will have accessed to a simple, easy-to-use interface system and easy-to-select information variables according to their needs; they can retrieve large amounts of data in the form of ".csv”. In addition, users can also request RAIC to assist in collecting the necessary data to support individual research.

ECO-DATA will continuously be improved and updated data for the following years; developed new sets of data in different aspects and will be always improved the interface to help users get a great experience at ECO-DATA in the academic direction.

Data Distribution:

1. Subjects of application:

- Full-time academic staff of TDTU;

- Students of TDTU;

- Others, with the consent of the President.

2. Requirements for users:

- For full-time academic staff of TDTU: must be verified by the Head of Department/Faculty;

- For students of TDTU: must be verified by lecturer/instructor and the Head of Faculty.

3. Data distribution policy:

- Number of requests: Maximum 5 requirements/month/user

- Data distribution: 

•    Number of companies: No more than 200 companies/requirement

•    Number of variables: No more than 30 variables/requirement 

•    Duration: No more than 10 years/requirement

•    Type of databases: 1 type of database/requirement (Administrative data/ Financial data/ Securities Exchange data)

•    Data will be stored with file format: *.csv

•    Data distribution unit: RAIC (6th Floor – Inspire Library)

Note: Detailed information about the set of data to be distributed in 2019-2020 has been described in detail on the Library and RAIC Website.

Subscription Fee: Free for the 2019-2020 school year (from August 1st, 2019 to July 31st, 2020).